CADconform for MicroStation Overview

You can find all of Altiva's instuctional videos and playlists on our YouTube Channel.

Note: You can play/pause, jump through the video, and switch to full screen via the video player controls. You can also select a specific video using the links below:

Part 1 - Installing CADconform (Download MP4)
Part 2 - Licensing (Download MP4)
Part 3 - Create Users (Download MP4)
Part 4 - Interface (Download MP4)
Part 5 - Import Standards (Download MP4)
Part 6 - Modifying Standards (Download MP4)
Part 7 - Automatic Drafting Tools (Download MP4)
Part 8 - Branding (Download MP4)
Part 9 - Draft (Download MP4)
Part 10 - Check/Fix (Download MP4)
Part 11 - Certify (Download MP4)
Part 12 - Batch Reports (Download MP4)