How can Altiva Software solve your CAD standards problems?

Our business is all about helping drafting organizations and companies take their CAD data quality and efficiency to a higher level of control. We are the only company dedicated to 100% conformance to CAD standards.

CAD Standards Checking/Compliance

Construction drawing imageThe importance of CAD standards has not been more apparent than in today’s competitive industry. When designs are drafted within the boundaries of a corporate standard, it reduces liability, saves time and reduces the risks of delivering inaccurate data.

Integration of CAD standards into the CAD interface, combined with complete documentation is the best way to achieve drawing consistency, eliminate needless setup time and manual checking processes.

Developing CAD standards is not an easy task, but you can be assured that the benefits from integrating standards into work processes is endless. For example, it will ensure integrity of your designs, provide uniformity, increase efficiency and productivity, integrate new users faster and improves the bottom line.

Your HS&E (health, safety and environmental) and operational integrity programs will also benefit from drafters compliance to CAD standards. Tools and technology that contribute to the accuracy of data and information in drawings, decrease the possibilities of communication errors, thereby contributing to the overall safety of an operating plant or facility.

In addition, checking CAD standards and verifying drawings comply with the corporate CAD standard will contribute to the success of your Document Management Systems. Like any other system, a Document Management System is only as good as the data in it. Ensuring the data integrity of the drawings in your Document Management System will help you get the maximum ROI from your document management investment.

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