City of Orlando Chooses Altiva Software's CADconform

September 10, 2007 (Houston, TX) — Altiva Software announces that the City of Orlando Public Works Department has chosen CADconform® software to promote and enforce its CAD data standards.

Mark Mincy of ModernTech, an Altiva Software value-added reseller, introduced the City of Orlando to CADconform and worked with them closely throughout its evaluation and final selection.

The City of Orlando will use CADconform to check, fix and conform its in-house design drawings. CADconform makes it practical to bring legacy drawings up to standard by reducing the process from a matter of hours with manual methods to just a few minutes per drawing with CADconform. The accuracy is also greatly improved over manual methods.

It is particularly important to the City of Orlando that CADconform lets users quickly and easily create, manage and conform to multiple sets of CAD standards. This capability is crucial because the department works on a variety of public works roadway and utility projects, which are governed by different state and local CAD standards.

In addition, the City of Orlando will use CADconform to audit the CAD drawings received from consultants. To make it easy for those consultants to conform to standards prior to submittal, the City or Orlando will make available the same CADconform standards files used for auditing, which can be used by each consultant drafter to draft, check, fix and certify their own drawings. Making this technology available to the consultants eliminates the need for rework related to CAD standards while reducing drafting costs.

"CADconform simplifies CAD standards conformance," remarked Charlie Conklin, P.E. Engineering Design Manager for the City of Orlando. "The software improves efficiency in the set up, maintenance and deployment of standards. And because CADconform brands each drawing with the correct standard, drafters always use the correct CAD standard to draft, check, fix and assure conformance."

"Creating and managing CAD standards can be tedious and time-consuming, and most organizations must work with multiple sets of them," explained Altiva Software CEO Philip Hurlston. "The ability to easily create, manage and use multiple sets of CAD standards has always been a core function of CADconform. The latest version includes, at no extra cost, the United States National CAD Standard™ (NCS), which many companies use as a starting point for developing their own CAD standards. We are pleased these features have been a benefit to the City of Orlando Public Works Department."

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About CADconform and Altiva Software

CADconform® is a software add-on that works seamlessly between AutoCAD® and MicroStation® to promote and enforce 100% conformance to CAD standards. It is the only product of its kind that provides an encrypted, tamper-proof electronic seal ensuring data integrity and user confidence.

Properly enforced CAD standards provide strategic business value including: re-use of intellectual property stored in drawings, better interoperability and project management, and significant cost-savings and contributions to HS&E.

Altiva Software is the only company dedicated to 100% conformance to CAD standards. It is headquartered in Houston, Texas, with offices in Germany and Australia.

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