Big Sky Implements CADconform to Achieve 100% Conformance to MWAA CAD Standards

June 28, 2007 (Houston, TX) — Altiva Software announces that Big Sky Incorporated (Big Sky) is the first contractor on a Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority (MWAA) project to use CADconform® to deliver drawing files that conform 100% to MWAA CAD standards.

Previously, Parsons Management Consulting (PMC), a lead consultant with MWAA and responsible party for receipt and handling of all drawings submitted by more than 55 contractor/consulting companies working on MWAA projects, began using CADconform to check all contractor-submitted CAD drawings to ensure compliance with MWAA CAD standards. (See related press release)

Files that do not comply with the standards are returned to the contractor for unpaid rework. So that contractors can avoid rework, PWC has made the preconfigured MWAA CADconform standards database available for free to all companies doing contract drafting and design work for MWAA. If they already own or purchase CADconform, contractors can use the same MWAA CAD standards database to assure that their drawing files conform 100% – before they submit the drawings to MWAA.

Big Sky, a design A/E of specialty electronics and telecommunication systems for airports, is the first design group to begin using CADconform with the MWAA CAD standards and the first to start reaping the benefits of the improved accuracy and efficiency that CADconform brings to architectural, engineering and construction (AEC) projects.

"Eliminating unpaid rework by improving data accuracy and efficiency associated with CAD drawings is a commendable goal that everyone – clients and contractors – will benefit from," commented Big Sky owner Don Poldy. "It's just a smart business decision to use CADconform and the MWAA CAD standards."

"Standardized CAD data adds real value to AEC projects," noted Altiva Software CEO Philip Hurlston. "In the past, the problem has been how to easily and cost-effectively implement and assure compliance to CAD standards. Now the advanced computing technology of CADconform makes standards compliance a seamless part of the drafting process. Each and every drafter can use CADconform and the MWAA CAD standards to create drawings that conform 100%. We are pleased to see Big Sky taking the lead on implementing this approach and technology."

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About CADconform and Altiva Software

CADconform® is a software add-on that works seamlessly between AutoCAD® and MicroStation® to promote and enforce 100% conformance to CAD standards. It is the only product of its kind that provides an encrypted, tamper-proof electronic seal ensuring data integrity and user confidence.

Properly enforced CAD standards provide strategic business value including: re-use of intellectual property stored in drawings, better interoperability and project management, and significant cost-savings and contributions to HS&E.

Altiva Software is the only company dedicated to 100% conformance to CAD standards. It is headquartered in Houston, Texas, with offices in Germany and Australia.

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