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CADconform requires a licence file in order to log into CAD standards database. The CADconform program can be installed and run on any number of machines, however it can only log into the system if a licence file is present and a licence is available for the CADconform product. The licence file exists as an ASCII text file that usually resides in the "Licence" sub-folder of the CADconform server installation directory, which is by default:
C:\ProgramData\Altiva Software\CADconform\Licence\CADconform.lic

However, it can be manually re-located elsewhere by settings the MicroStation configuration variable "CM_LICENCES". By default, this variable already exists and is set inside the default MicroStation configuration file, e.g. in:
 C:\ProgramData\Altiva Software\CADconform\Config\MicroStation V8i.cfg.

If no licence file exists, then the 'Licensing Info' window will appear, allowing the user to enter the licence information manually. If this information is available and entered correctly, then CADconform will create the licence file in the correct place.

The CADconform Licensing Dialog allowing the licence details to be entered manually

Note that the 'Computer Name' at the bottom will show the current computer name exactly as it should be entered when requesting an individual ('node-locked') licence. For a 'Server' licence, only the server name (or IP address) is required. If the licence file is located somewhere else on the local computer or an avaiulable network location, then it can be automatically read and imported using the 'Import Licence' button. If you wish to manually copy an existing licence into the correct location, use the 'File > Show Licensing Folder' menu command to open Windows Explorer in the correct location where the licence file is expected.

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