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Known Issues and Limitations

Reporting on files with numerous clipped reference files is very slow

This is a known problem with early versions of MicroStation V8i SELECTSeries 3. Prior to v8.11.09.714, reporting may be a lot slower that it was in V8i SELECTSeries 2 and earlier. To fix this problem, upgrade MicroStation to the latest version of V8i (currently v8.11.09.714). The problem is not caused by CADconform itself, but one of the MicroStation API functions that CADconform uses.


The HTML Reporting does not work on Windows 7 (64-bit)

If you see an error message about a missing OCX file when running the HTML Reporter, then you will need to copy the "comdlg32.ocx" file to the CADconform server "bin" directory. This file is normally available in 32-bit Windows systems, but may not be available on Windows 7 (64-bit). You can copy this file from the "System32" directory of an existing non-64-bit Windows machine, or you can source the file from Microsoft or elsewhere.

NB: This issue has been resolved in CADconform v8, as the HTML Reporting no longer requires this file.

Cannot connect to CADconform database

This can occur for the following reasons:

  1. The UNC path to the database is incorrect. This may result in warning such as: “The Microsoft jet database engine can not open the file ‘\\{Server Path}\...’. It is already opened exclusively by another user, or you need permission to view its data”. (see Configuring the ODBC Data Source).

  2. The CADconform Server database or ODBC data source has not been configured properly (see Configuring_the_ODBC_Data_Source).

  3. The ODBC driver is invalid or not supported (see ODBC Requirements).


The CADconform installer does not display mapped drives when UAC is enabled

If UAC is enabled on Windows Vista or higher (including Windows 7 - 10), then mapped network drives may not be available when browsing for a server installation location. This is because the installer runs with temporarily elevated administration privileges, which means it runs with a different logon ID as the current user. One method to resolve this is to edit the Windows registry and create a new entry "EnableLinkedConnections" set to "1" under the subkey:


More information is available from Microsoft Technet under the UAC Troubleshooting Guide, last archived here:

Microsoft Technet > Security and Protection > User Account Control > User Access Control Troubleshooting Guide > Some Programs Cannot Access Network Locations When UAC Is Enabled

NB: Each link above is nested and correct as of 21st Feb 2017, but may change.

If editing the registry is not a desirable or feasible option, then the full UNC path may need to be entered for the installer. The UNC path is usually preferable to a mapped drive, since mapped drives may differ between user logins and are thus less persistent than the UNC. Additionally, mapped drives may be automatically assigned by the system when removable devices (such as USB drives) are attached to the system.


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