CADconform for MicroStation

Running CADconform

CADconform should automatically start every time MicroStation is loaded. CADconform will install a menu to the left of the MicroStation "Help" menu. If the user has turned the "Auto-Start" option OFF in the menu, then CADconform will not automatically start. If this is the case, then it can be started by the following methods:

Running via keyin:

To run CADconform for a local installation, simply load it via keyin:


Running from the MDL Application Dialog Box:

Select from the MicroStation menu:

"Utilities > MDL Applications > Available Applications > CADCONFORM"

If "CADCONFORM" does not appear in the list of available applications then:

Check that $(MS_MDLAPPS) has been configured to point to the correct network path of the "CADCONFORM.MA" file. This should have been done automatically by the CADconform installer, but it can be overridden by the Workspace.

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