CADconform for MicroStation

What's new in CADconform?

For the latest enhancements to the product in each revision of CADconform, see the Feature Request report. Fixes to known problems can also be found in the Bug Fix Report. Brief highlights are listed below:


New in v7.3

New in v7.1


Cell Selector Image
Four Drafting Menus docked and pinned to the left panel of MicroStation's main window. Each menu pops out automatically when the mouse moves over the tab page. The new CADconform Cell Selector showing a cell library in multi-cell preview mode

Older Additions in v7.1


* This means for example, that a level named "REBAR" will be a closer match to "EXISTING_REBAR" than "CONCRETE" and will thus increase the match score. Similarly two shades of grey will have a higher match score for colour than a grey and green element.


New in v7.0


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