CADconform for MicroStation


Installation Overview

CADconform is an application for CAD file symbology checking, correcting and drafting. It supports both AutoCAD and MicroStation, running as native CAD applications (ARX and MDL respectively) on each CAD platform. CADconform is designed for multi-user access, but can also be used by stand-alone machines. CADconform uses a server-based methodology, whereby one machine acts as a host to the other computers on an intranet. Therefore, the CADconform software only needs to be installed once on the intended host machine. Other machines that run CADconform as a client need only the minimal configuration to access the server.


Server Requirements

CADconform requires a machine to act as a database file server. This “server” machine can be any machine that is available on a Windows network. No particular Operating System is required, but the server database file needs to be locatable by a Windows client, either by mapping a network drive or specifying a UNC path. There are no software, operating system, or device driver requirements for the server machine; however it is preferable that the machine used for the server has a relatively fast connection to the network.

In addition to the CADconform requirements on the server, you may also want to run the licence server on this machine. See the readme file for requirements for running the licence server (either CMLS or ALS). You may need to open a port in your firewall to allow the licence server to operate. The licence server can be installed on any machine (not necessarily the CADconform server), and is only required to run pooled licensing, instead of standalone (node-locked) licensing. Pooled licensing is a more convenient way to manage multiple licences of CADconform or other Altiva Software products.

MicroStation (Client) Requirements

As CADconform is an MDL application, MicroStation must be loaded on each client machine in order to use the software. Additionally, the client needs to be able to access the server computer via UNC or network drive mapping using a Windows Network, if the database is centrally located.


PowerDraft (Client) Requirements

As CADconform is an MDL application, PowerDraft must be loaded on each client machine in order to use the software. PowerDraft support is bundled with the main CADconform installer.

CADconform for PowerDraft requires the Bentley MDL database drivers. These drivers are either delivered with PowerDraft or available as a separate component, depending on the PowerDraft version:

  1. In PowerDraft 2004, the MDL database drivers have to be installed as a separate component after installing PowerDraft (see below)
  2. In PowerDraft XM the database drivers are an option component during the installation process.
  3. In PowerDraft V8i the database drivers are always installed automatically.

In order for CADconform to work on PowerDraft 2004, the user must have previously installed the PowerDraft Database Server plugin available from the Bentley Select Server downloads site. The latest download file at time of writing was located in the Download Category "Enhancements & Updates" and was named: "Database Servers for MicroStation PowerDraft (" and dated 24th July 2008.

PowerDraft XM and above does not require the database plugin as it has database connectivity built-in. However, PowerDraft XM must be installed with the Database Components option turned on during the install process. This option is usually on by default during a complete install of PowerDraft, but may have been turned off for a minimal installation.

CADconform for PowerDraft has a few minor limitations not present in CADconform for MicroStation. Briefly these limitations include:

Operating System Requirements

The install path of CADconform on the server needs to be a location that is readable, writeable (for the user profile and databases) and executable (for some of the shared binary files). Therefore, it is probably best not to install the server component into the “Program Files” directory of your server, as this will not be writeable under Windows Vista, Windows 7 or earlier versions of Windows where the user privileges are insufficient to write to this directory. If the CADconform server installation does occur in the Program Files folder, then write/execute privileges can be granted under Windows Vista or higher by either:

  1. Disabling User Account Control (UAC)
  2. Launching MicroStation as an Administrator
  3. Relocating the "User" and "Database" directories after installation

Options 1 and 2 can be performed using normal Windows administration. Option 3 can be performed by copying the user and database folders, and then:

After installation of the server component, it is worth checking that the users have full read/write/execute permission in the CADconform directory. Failure to do so may result in users not being able to define users, change passwords, write reports or alter the feature table database.

ODBC Requirements

The CADconform Server database is located via ODBC drivers. The main advantage of using ODBC is that it allows flexibility in the choice of database management application (eg: Oracle, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, etc). By default, CADconform uses the Microsoft Access drivers to access the default "CADconform Example" database. The drivers for this database should already be installed with Windows 2000 or higher. If an earlier version of Windows is installed, then the requisite drivers can be downloaded free from Microsoft's website as part of the MDAC or DAO toolsets.

For other database systems (such as Oracle), extra ODBC drivers may be required for each client from the database vendor.

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