CADconform for AutoCAD

Running CADconform

CADconform should automatically start every time AutoCAD is loaded. CADconform will install a menu to the left of the AutoCAD "Help" menu (see the CADconform reference guide to learn how to use the AutoCAD ribbon instead of the Menu Bar). If CADconform did not automatically start or CADconform is loaded but the menu is missing, then it can be started by the following methods:

Reloading CADconform menu via keyin:

To reload CADconform menu for a local installation, use keyin:


OR reload CADconform ARX module by:

Unloading CADconform via keyin:

To unload CADconform for a local installation, simply unload it via keyin:


Loading CADconform via keyin:

To load CADconform for a local installation, or to reload after manually unloading, use the keyin:


And then browse to the 'CADconform.ARX' application file that should be located in the AutoCAD folder.

Loading CADconform in specific profiles:

By default CADconform will load in every AutoCAD profile via a command added to the 'ACAD.LSP' file. Some administrators may prefer to only load CADconform in specific AutoCAD profiles and this can be acheived using the'ACAD.RX' file:

Disable the autoloading by removing or commenting out this line from the 'ACAD.LSP' located in the AutoCAD 'Support' folder:

(command "_arx" "Load" "cadconform.arx")

Then create a new folder for your profile specific 'Support' files (This could be either with your other AutoCAD resources or in the CADconform folder). In the new folder create a ASCII text file (using a text editor such as Notepad) and add the full path to any ARX applications you wish to load, i.e.

C:\Program Files\AutoCAD 20xx\CADconform.arx

Save this file with the name 'ACAD.RX' and then add the path of your new profile specific 'Support' folder to the 'Support File Search Path' list in the AutoCAD profile which will load CADconform.

You can optionally create Shortcuts that will load AutoCAD with a specific profile selected using the command line parameter:

/P "[Profile Name]"

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