LaDOTD CAD Standards - MicroStaton Workspace Update Log

Date Download(s) File(s) modified Location(s)
11/18/2015 Bridge borders Updated files:
and "border_bridge-facilities_plan.dgn"
09/02/2015 Bridge borders Updated files:
and "border_bridge-facilities_plan8.dgn"
06/22/2015 Title seeds
(Updates are extensive. Digital version Signature requirements are noteworthy)
Road site seeds
(Grid display by default was turned off due to printing problems)
Road site borders
(The DOTD logo was added to the Title Block)
Updated files:
"title sheet_digital publishing.dgn",
"title sheet_paper publishing.dgn",
"road_cross section_rural_seed3d.dgn",
"road_cross section_urban_seed3d.dgn",
"border_road cross section_rural.dgn",
"border_road cross section_urban.dgn",
"border_road plan-profile_sht4.dgn",
"border_road plan-profile_sht5.dgn",
and "border_road-site_letter"
...\Projects\LaDOTD_CAD_Standards\seed\title sheet
04/13/2015 Updated Survey cell and Survey Feature Table Updated files:
"Survey.cel" and "LADOTD_CAD_Standards.mdb"
09/03/2014 Updated ROW Design Scripts Updated files:
"full_rowbase.pen" "full_rowcheck.pen" and "full_rowfinal.pen"
08/04/2014 Updated Title Sheet seeds Updated files:
"title sheet_paper publishing.dgn" and "title sheet_digital publishing.dgn"
...\Projects\LaDOTD_CAD_Standards\seed\title sheet
06/06/2014 Updated Project Configuration Files (PCFs) Updated files: "LADOTD_Bridge-Facilities.pcf", "LADOTD_Right-of-Way_Map.pcf", "LaDOTD_Road-Site.pcf" and "LaDOTD_Traffic.pcf" ...\DOTD\Workspace\Projects
10/14/2013 Updated right-of-way_map.cel Modified cells: "Parcel_Arrow_1", "Parcel_Arrow_2", and "Notes" ...\Projects\LaDOTD_CAD_Standards\cell
10/09/2013 New interface DGNLIBs Added links for InRoads SS3 ...\Projects\LaDOTD_CAD_Standards\interfaces\DOTD_default
09/09/2013 ConvertCAD.mvba Updated for new AutoCAD build ...\Projects\LaDOTD_CAD_Standards\vba
09/05/2013 Fonts Update DWG Fonts for AutoCAD ...\Projects\LaDOTD_CAD_Standards\dwgdata\fonts
7/27/2013 General Release 3.0 Extensive Updates ...\DOTD
07/26/2013 Title sheets (except Right of Way) Update Title Sheet Index formatting ...\Projects\LaDOTD_CAD_Standards\seed\title sheet
04/16/2013 LaDOTD_Road-Site.pcf Add Survey feature table as allowable ...\DOTD\Workspace\Projects
04/12/2013 seal.cel Replaced incorrect version ...\Projects\LaDOTD_CAD_Standards\cell\publishing

General Information Regarding Update Log

Files in your workspace that are dated after files in a "General Release (and later listed updates) may represent ad-hoc updates (emailed updates, etc).
Unnecessarily saved workspace files may lead to confusion regarding whether the file represents the latest standard. Use the following guidelines:
_Do not save when given the choice to save or not. This may happen after a view change, etc. Auto-compress and auto save functions will also change file dates.
_Normally open resource files for informational purposes only. Open a copy when possible. A copy can be used to propose changes.